What is Tri Card Poker?

By the title, you may be wondering not only what tri card poker is but if it even exists. It does exist, and you may know what tri card poker is. It may be that you have just heard it referred to as a different name. A lot of times it is called three card poker, tri card poker, tri poker, or three card. If you are still unsure about what this is or if it even exist, then do not worry because you are about to find out what tri card poker is.

The Game of Tri Card Poker

The game of tri card poker, or whatever name you refer to it as is a form of poker that is actually two games going on during one game. Depending on where you are playing tri card poker at, you may be required by that casino to play both games or opt to just participate in one of the games. Here is the concept of tri card poker:

  • One of the games in tri card poker is a game where you, the player, will compete against the dealer of the game.
  • The other game in tri card poker is a game that has a variety of different payout points for hands of tri card poker that contain a pair or better in the hand.
  • If you choose to play both games at one time, you will be permitted to place bets of different amounts on both games.