The Basics of Tri Card Poker Games

If you were not aware of tri card poker, then you are now. However, just because you are aware that there is such a game, does not mean that you understand the game. Before you get ahead of yourself and put your luck to the test by sitting down at a tri card poker table, you may want to become slightly more educated about how the game of tri poker is played.

How Tri Card Poker is Played

If you want to learn more about tri card poker just to learn more about it or you want to learn more about it because you are interested in playing a round then here are some of the basic things that you need to know about tri card poker games.

  • Tri card poker games are played by using a single, standard deck of fifty two cards.
  • The cards in tri card poker games are dealt to the dealer by an automated card shuffler.
  • The layout of the game is printed on to the material of the table.
  • The payout scale for tri card poker is generally displayed on the playing table.

These are some important things to know if you are interested in playing tri card poker or if you just wanted to know a little more about the game.