The Payout Values of Tri Card Poker

If you are interested in learning more about tri card poker, then you are probably rather curious about the payout values of the game. You are probably expecting to see a much different payout scale than other poker games as well since the card rankings of tri card poker were quite different from what you are used to seeing with other poker games such as Poker Ride.

Cashing in with Tri Card Poker

As you may know, tri card poker is two games. Although, at some casinos you do have the choice to play just one game or opt to play both games. At other casinos, it is mandatory that a player engage in both games. The two games are called pair plus and tri card ante and play. Here are the pay scales for both of these tri card poker games:

Pair Plus Payout:

  • A pair is one to one.
  • A straight flush pays forty to one.
  • A flush pays four to one.
  • A straight pays six to one.
  • Three of a kind pays thirty to one.

Tri Card Ante and Pay Payout:

  • The dealer plays with a queen or higher.
  • The play is required to equal the ante.
  • When a dealer does not play it is a push and the ante is one to one.
  • When a dealer does play the play is one to one and the ante is one to one.

Ante Bonuses Payout:

  • A Straight is one to one.
  • A Straight flush is five to one.
  • Three of a kind is four to one.