The Payout Values of Tri Card Poker

If you are interested in learning more about tri card poker, then you are probably rather curious about the payout values of the game. You are probably expecting to see a much different payout scale than other poker games as well since the card rankings of tri card poker were quite different from what you are used to seeing with other poker games such as Poker Ride.

Cashing in with Tri Card Poker

As you may know, tri card poker is two games. Although, at some casinos you do have the choice to play just one game or opt to play both games. At other casinos, it is mandatory that a player engage in both games. The two games are called pair plus and tri card ante and play. Here are the pay scales for both of these tri card poker games:

Pair Plus Payout:

  • A pair is one to one.
  • A straight flush pays forty to one.
  • A flush pays four to one.
  • A straight pays six to one.
  • Three of a kind pays thirty to one.

Tri Card Ante and Pay Payout:

  • The dealer plays with a queen or higher.
  • The play is required to equal the ante.
  • When a dealer does not play it is a push and the ante is one to one.
  • When a dealer does play the play is one to one and the ante is one to one.

Ante Bonuses Payout:

  • A Straight is one to one.
  • A Straight flush is five to one.
  • Three of a kind is four to one.

The Basics of Tri Card Poker Games

If you were not aware of tri card poker, then you are now. However, just because you are aware that there is such a game, does not mean that you understand the game. Before you get ahead of yourself and put your luck to the test by sitting down at a tri card poker table, you may want to become slightly more educated about how the game of tri poker is played.

How Tri Card Poker is Played

If you want to learn more about tri card poker just to learn more about it or you want to learn more about it because you are interested in playing a round then here are some of the basic things that you need to know about tri card poker games.

  • Tri card poker games are played by using a single, standard deck of fifty two cards.
  • The cards in tri card poker games are dealt to the dealer by an automated card shuffler.
  • The layout of the game is printed on to the material of the table.
  • The payout scale for tri card poker is generally displayed on the playing table.

These are some important things to know if you are interested in playing tri card poker or if you just wanted to know a little more about the game.

What is Tri Card Poker?

By the title, you may be wondering not only what tri card poker is but if it even exists. It does exist, and you may know what tri card poker is. It may be that you have just heard it referred to as a different name. A lot of times it is called three card poker, tri card poker, tri poker, or three card. If you are still unsure about what this is or if it even exist, then do not worry because you are about to find out what tri card poker is.

The Game of Tri Card Poker

The game of tri card poker, or whatever name you refer to it as is a form of poker that is actually two games going on during one game. Depending on where you are playing tri card poker at, you may be required by that casino to play both games or opt to just participate in one of the games. Here is the concept of tri card poker:

  • One of the games in tri card poker is a game where you, the player, will compete against the dealer of the game.
  • The other game in tri card poker is a game that has a variety of different payout points for hands of tri card poker that contain a pair or better in the hand.
  • If you choose to play both games at one time, you will be permitted to place bets of different amounts on both games.

The Card Rankings in Tri Card Poker

If you are a fan of poker games, then you may or may not enjoy the game of tri card poker. This is because tri card poker is different than other forms of poker games. Before you take your chances at the game of tri card poker, you may want to learn a little more about the game before you tell the dealer to deal you in to the game. You will find that tri card poker is much different than other poker games, especially when it comes to the card rankings.

What are the card rankings in tri card poker?

The card rankings in tri card poker are probably much different than what you are used to. This is why it is important to learn more about tri card poker before you take your chances at the game. There is a significant difference in card rankings in the tri card poker game than other poker games. Here is how the card rankings work in the game of tri card poker:

  • First of all, you have a straight flush.
  • Secondly, there is three of a kind.
  • After that, you have a straight.
  • Next in line is a flush.
  • Then, you have a pair.
  • Lastly, you have a high card.

You may notice that these card rankings are different from what you are used to seeing in other card games. Most players are astonished by the fact that a straight has a more significant value than a flush. The reason behind this ranking is because there are less ways that a player can obtain a three card straight than a three card straight.

Think You Know How To Play Poker?

Many people think they know how to play the game of poker (is not as easy as playing slots! Pretty easy stuff:, until they are asked which version of the game they play. Yes, there are many versions and some of them are far better than others. The game of poker is not just a game to play with friends around the kitchen table. And, you no longer need to travel to a traditional casino to take advantage of this game either. Rather, you can have a lot of fun playing casino poker right at home.

However, you do need to update your skill level here. Every version of the game is somewhat different than the next. What you might not realize is that online poker in casinos on the web is available in numerous versions, including three card stud, five card stud, seven card stud and the popular choice of Texas Hold Em poker. You can play all of these but you should learn the rules to each first.